2017 Roadmap January 22 2017


It has been too long since my last update, and with the new year being almost a month old I felt it would be a good time to let everyone know what they can expect to see from mini foam studio in the coming year.  To put it briefly, there are some big things in store for 2017!

A New Kickstarter 

First up, we will be putting out a new Kickstarter to introduce our third insert soon; I don't want to give it away just yet, but let's just say it is for a very popular game with a very popular theme (top 50 rank on BGG) - can you can guess what it is before the reveal?

This Kickstarter should go live around the end of January, so look for an updated post with all the details on this blog around that time.

More Inserts

Not counting the Kickstarter that is almost ready to go live, I have two other inserts that are very nearly done as well.  I would like to do a second Kickstarter around March or April to bring one of them to life, and I hope to keep expanding until we have more and more of the most popular board games supported with mini foam studio inserts!  

The goal is to TRIPLE the current size of our catalog by the end of 2017 - and with continued support from all of you wonderful supporters, I think we can make it happen!


Thanks for checking out the site, thanks for picking up an insert if you have already, and big thanks in advance if you end up supporting one of our future Kickstarter campaigns.  But please don't forget - if there is a game you think is in need of an insert, or if you have any questions at all, you can send an e-mail to minifoamstudio@gmail.com to let us know - we're always interested in hearing what you all think!