Foam Insert for Terraforming Mars Expansions **Pre-order**


*** This product listing is for a PRE-ORDER of our Terraforming Mars Expansion insert sold on Kickstarter.  Orders through this listing will be fulfilled in the order they are received, after Kickstarter fulfillment is completed.  Orders are estimated to begin shipping in early October, 2019 ***

Our Terraforming Mars Expansion box insert organizes components included in the larger expansion boxes.

It fits over 225 sleeved cards, and has a large bay to accommodate tokens and additional game pieces contained in the expansions.

The expansion insert is compatible with the Venus Next, Colonies, and Turmoil* expansions. 

*Early indications are Turmoil will ship in the same size box as Venus Next and Colonies, but Kickstarter reward version and/or retail versions of Turmoil may differ from the current Venus Next and Colonies box sizes by the time it ships

Our Terraforming Mars Expansion inserts also come with adhesive on the bottom, a unique feature to our inserts.  The adhesive allows you to fix the insert to the bottom of your game box.  This is permanent, but makes the insert more rigid, and it will stay in place as you pack and unpack your game components.  

Using the adhesive is completely optional; there is a liner covering the adhesive, so you don't have to use it if you don't want to permanently alter your box or insert.  Here is a video showing how to install our Cosmic Encounter insert using the included adhesive.

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