Foam Insert for Terraforming Mars


Our Terraforming Mars box insert organizes all the components included in the base game, and has several special features: 

-Enough room for all the base game's cards to be sleeved if you use sleeves.  Together, the bays can store 240 sleeved cards (120 cards per bay, times 2 bays).  

-Space for the base game's board and the Venus Next Expansion game board.

-6 dedicated hex bays for the hex tiles, divided by type.   

-8 bays for the different cubes used for Terraforming Mars, which significantly assists with keeping the cubes separated, but close at hand for convenience.

Our Terraforming Mars inserts also come with adhesive on the bottom, a unique feature to our inserts.  The adhesive allows you to fix the insert to the bottom of your game box.  This is permanent, but makes the insert more rigid, and it will stay in place as you pack and unpack your game components.  

Using the adhesive is completely optional; there is a liner covering the adhesive, so you don't have to use it if you don't want to permanently alter your box or insert.  Here is a video showing how to install our Cosmic Encounter insert using the included adhesive.

Having a box insert for your components not only keeps everything safe for transit and storage, but it also speeds up the setup and breakdown processes.  We believe our inserts are an inexpensive way to protect your components and help you get the most out of your gaming time.

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