Foam Insert for Dead of Winter


Our Dead of Winter box insert holds all the cards for Dead of Winter along with player sheets, location cards, tokens, dice and all the standees.  There is enough room in the card bays to configure them however you want - you can have a special bay just for Crossroads cards, and one bay for the item cards for each location - it is up to you.  Also, with our Dead of Winter inserts, no assembly is required - installation is optional and takes less than 10 minutes.

Our Dead of Winter box insert holds all the components included in either Dead of Winter, OR Dead of Winter: The Long Night - they can even fit the cards and sleeves if you choose to sleeve them.  There is room for more than just the base game though; if you choose to, you can combine the two games into one box to bring some of The Long Night's modules over to the base game.  We don't recommend cramming everything from both boxes into one insert, but there is ample room to supplement cards, tokens, and survivors from both games in one insert.  If you just have to have all the components from both games, however; it may be best to pick up a second insert

The Dead of Winter inserts also feature "Standee Slots" around the perimeter of the insert.  You can use the slots to place standees for quick access to survivors, additional zombies, special infected, or however else you choose. 

Finally, similar to our Cosmic Encounter Insert, our Dead of Winter inserts come with adhesive on the bottom; a unique feature to Mini Foam Studio inserts that allows you to fix them to the bottom of your box. This is permanent, but makes the insert more firm and rigid should you prefer, and it will stay in place as you pack and unpack your game components. Alternatively, you can use the adhesive on a piece of cardboard, poster board, or other materials you choose.  This will make the insert removable, but adds a little more time to the installation.  

But of course, using the adhesive is completely optional; there is a liner covering the adhesive, so you don't have to use it if you don't want to.